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Kyle is responsible for providing Matrix support, conducting BUILDER training, and dealing with any database-related tasks both internally and externally.

Kyle Bullis
Database Administration Manager

With GoldenWolf: 1 year
Homebase: Montrose, Colorado

How did your career path lead you to GoldenWolf?
After being in the Navy, I went to San Diego State, and got an internship my senior year as an IT project manager. I recently got my Database Administration Microsoft Certification while working in a local school district but wanted to find a remote job to be able to move to Colorado, and GoldenWolf became the perfect fit, especially as it was a great opportunity for Database Administration.

What does the typical workday look like for you?
It is a full calendar. I have early meetings, with multiple contracts, primarily working on the managerial side.

What is your favorite aspect about your job?
The flexibility, self-management, and my old manager, Casey. Additionally, my team is fantastic, and the IT culture here is great.

What is the most challenging part of your job?
It is definitely self-controled time management. Having enough time to get things done without overworking can sometimes be tough for me.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement so far at GoldenWolf?
Being promoted to manager having been with GoldenWolf for just over a year would be my greatest achievement here. Gaining the faith and trust from the leaders here for this position means a lot.

Outside of work, what activities or hobbies do you enjoy?
Running my small Airbnb business takes most of my free time. I work on the finance side, while my husband does the operations and scheduling. I also like to snowboard, ski, and hike.

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