GoldenWolf provides construction management and contract administration services. The scope of these services includes quality management advice and technical support for every aspect of construction projects. GoldenWolf provides the professional expertise in hiring, managing, and leading engineers and architects in every part of a construction project to achieve high productivity and efficiency in technically demanding organizations. We facilitate stakeholder engagement to provide valuable design reviews with complete analysis to provide quality assurance and ensure compliance with applicable standards across every discipline. 

The cradle-to-grave construction management services provided by the GoldenWolf team continuously monitors every project detail from quality to safety. This is demonstrated through our dedicated pursuit in providing ongoing dispute resolution for critical site issues to ensure delays are not incurred. In addition, all relevant GoldenWolf team members are fully trained for compliance with Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC), Contract Hazard Awareness EM-385, and OSHA-30. 

The GoldenWolf team of construction management staff has supported many federal clients, especially in the healthcare industry, for MEP, HVAC, medical gas, fire protection, low voltage and security systems, subsystems, and components unique to medical research facilities and the humane care of research animals.