At GoldenWolf, we specialize in facilities portfolio management – i.e., your people, buildings, and the assets used within those structures. Essentially, we worry about what it takes to manage assets and provide the tools and techniques necessary to assist you in making critical strategic decisions. 

Effective facilities management (often referred to as lifecycle planning) is essential to any organization, large or small. The goal is to create a framework for complete oversight of your assets. GoldenWolf will help to ensure your organization runs efficiently with streamlined processes, proper support for your staff, well executed project management and more. 

The first step is determining the current state of the assets. The key is data collection, which is obtained through a myriad of ways, such as BUILDER SMS or by performing a Facility Condition Assessment (FCA). Once complete, GoldenWolf will analyze the data to establish a plan for the long-term maintenance of your facilities and any additional inventory. 

Our specialized and experienced team will then use custom, systematized approaches to help you develop a strategic management plan that will assist in the monitoring, maintaining, and long-term planning for your facility. This leads to improved planning and operations, lower operating costs, better risk management and more. 

Why do this? Because lifecycle planning allows facility managers (FMs) to anticipate additional costs and plan for maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. Facility Portfolio Management provides the ability to look beyond what is current and better prepare for costs and time required down the line.