As an alternative to BUILDER, GoldenWolf also offers traditional facility condition assessments (FCAs), giving you a glimpse at your facility’s needs to make strategic decisions and help you best plan for the future. 

With more than 60 team members dedicated to FCAs and the sustainment of that data, GoldenWolf provides a large stable of discipline-specific engineers and techs for all size projects. Our entire assessment team works almost exclusively in medical facilities.

We provide In-depth evaluations performed by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Each component of the facility is assessed for its general condition and expected remaining service life. The result is a detailed, written assessment that captures current system deficiencies.

GoldenWolf prides itself on its culture of quality. The FCAs we produce offer significant facility insight and actionable recommendations formulated through deep evaluation and with a high degree of accuracy. Having recently completed our ISO 9001 certification for quality and efficiency, GoldenWolf looks to impact client deliverables and employee satisfaction in this structured set of protocols.

Once an on-site assessment is complete, GoldenWolf engineers and cost estimators provide vital recommendations for next steps to ensure facilities maintain high standards and meet all accreditation requirements.