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Our experts use the BUILDER™ Sustainment Management System (SMS) to help facilities’ engineers, technicians, and managers decide how to maintain their building infrastructure most cost-effectively.

Digital Twins

An early adopter of LiDAR, our team uses this technology to evaluate facilities’ needs with 3D scanners and real-time processing to provide a faster, more efficient method for collecting and measuring data.

Facility Portfolio Management

Our facility portfolio management team creates a framework for the complete oversight of large, high-value facilities, creating a plan to operate, maintain, renew, and retire assets.

Enterprise Program Development

From setup objectives, plans, and priorities to management, process and problem resolution, our team provides the depth of expertise our clients need — on demand and as required.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Development

Our Business Intelligence team assists clients with design and/or redesign of their performance measurement process, offering practical, step-by-step methodologies and tools to help our clients thrive.

Data Visualization & Management

Lean and flexible, our BI team, made up of skilled developers and data scientists, provides expert service to extract, transform, and load data, identifying patterns and converting it to value quickly.

Facility-Related Control Systems

Our cybersecurity experts employ best-in-class strategies to monitor essential utilities, environmental temperature and humidity control, fire protection, physical access control, and other key services.

Low Voltage Systems

Our team is highly qualified to assist facility owners and managers with integrating cybersecurity technology to provide proactive and real-time information to help monitor their low-voltage systems.

Construction Management Services

Experienced in both new construction and complex renovation projects, our team possesses extensive knowledge of a variety of project types, including military, state and federal government buildings.

Traditional FCAs

As an alternative to BUILDER, GoldenWolf also offers traditional facility condition assessments (FCAs), giving you a glimpse at your facility’s needs to make strategic decisions and help you best plan for the future.

Live Data Capture

Our team has developed applications, processes and analytics through live data capture, consisting of collecting and processing data elements in the field by use of automation and comprehensive business processes.

Risk Management Framework

We bring vast experience to our RMF offerings, which include support to the government related to lifecycle assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring of platform IT.

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