NOAA NMFS Facility Portfolio Review


National Marine Fisheries Service

Period of Performance

9/14/2019 – 9/13/2022

GoldenWolf supports NOAA NMFS with federal real property portfolio and data management, assisting in the management, maintenance, and transformation of its real property data. Improved data management will provide the client with insights that enable better decisions and facility management actions.

Under our purview, GoldenWolf assists NMFS with implementing a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) by developing and maintaining processes, policies, and data standards associated with the Fisheries CMMS, develops and maintains Facility Data Forecasting and Visualization Tools, researches the feasibility of regional facility management contracts by analyzing requirements data and prioritizing projects at the HQ level, has developed an initial facility management structure by assessing current regional and science center management structure to provide guidance to NMFS if that division makes sense for facilities, and manages and maintains facility requests, processes, and policies.