Transforming Data to Produce Meaningful Outcomes

GoldenWolf, an 8(a) certified, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned, Woman-Owned small business, is lean and flexible, but also highly experienced with both its relevant past performance and an excellent reputation related to facility portfolio management and business intelligence solutions. Our corporate approach to empowering enterprise program success is driven by our disciplined project management, proactive communication, and experienced multidisciplinary teams of engineers and analysts aligned with our clients’ unique requirements.


GoldenWolf currently provides real-time dashboarding and analytics for the Defense Health Agency, U.S. Army Medical Command, U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and other defense and federal clients.

Applying analytics to client challenges dramatically reduces reporting time and increase leaders’ speed and confidence in making impactful decisions. Our goal is to help our clients achieve new insights, identify opportunities for innovation, and ultimately improve performance.

GoldenWolf uses the most current tools to visualize data patterns for efficient and effective evaluation. Clients are able to make quick and insightful decisions based on the dashboards created by the talented analytics staff.


Our highly skilled analysts are adept in all industry leading software including:

  • Tableau
  • Google Data Studio – G Suite Enterprise Edition
  • MS Power BI & Power Apps
  • Secure & Customized Client Portals with real-time dashboard refresh sites


Using our advanced analytic methods, we provide clients with high-level expertise for decision-making in capital expenditures, resource planning, performance measurement, and program evaluation.

Through our continued work with our federal clients, we understand the impacts of data sustainment on future budgets and program support and defense. Our expert staff excels at translating data, key metrics, and information into actionable and achievable recommendations.


GoldenWolf provides full spectrum facilities integration services from assessment through design, implementation, and training. We can assure the timely implementation and operational support necessary to meet your goals and objectives for the following:

  • Systems Engineering
  • Site Assessment and Analysis
  • Software Engineering
  • Functional Requirements Development


GoldenWolf has developed fully customizable tools, using the latest in mobile application technology. Most specifically, we have created a custom-built, tablet-based, patented solution—the Condition Assessment and Requirements Validation Engine (CARVE). Additionally, the app also integrates with BUILDER SMS.

As part of our current engagements, we have already adapted CARVE specifically for the NOAA and NMFS portfolios, completing more than 1.2 million square feet I&A and QC for NOAA and NMFS assets.

Additionally, our team created a portfolio-specific catalog in CARVE to facilitate data capture and management of the unique asset types, associated features, and measurement requirements within the portfolio. Our team also created a Geographic Information System (GIS) capability for photographs. Specifically, we developed and implemented the ability to capture geographical data in relation to the asset’s physical location, embed that information into the metadata of the asset photo, and upload that data to BUILDER.

There’s no question that this experience positions our team with matchless insight and peerless ability to provide a seamless, comprehensive product for our clients.

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