Fort Irwin, CA

Period of Performance

2014 – 2018

Size and Facility Type

19 sq miles

Core Services

Quality Assurance

Technology Used


Fort Irwin National Training Center, located in the Mojave desert near Barstow, CA has had many lives starting back with Spanish missionaries, to the California Gold Rush, to the base opening and closing over the last century at times.  The base is the Army’s premier training center and is associated with US Army Special Forces Command and the Blackhorse Calvary. Thousands of soldiers descend on Fort Irwin throughout the year to partake in state of the art training exercises.  Fort Irwin is the location of the Department of Defense’s largest renewable energy project which will provide many job opportunities during construction and upon completion will afford a surplus of clean energy in the area. At Fort Irwin our team is part of a QA initiative to ensure that the new Weed Army Community Hospital built in 2017 continues to stay in excellent condition.