Live data capture consists of collecting and processing data elements in the field by use of automation and comprehensive business processes. The GoldenWolf team has developed applications, processes and analytics to capture a variety of facilities-based information, including real property data, equipment specifications, and condition data. By managing this process from start to finish, GoldenWolf has been able to paint a comprehensive picture of a facility and its related condition and equipment.

The GoldenWolf team has developed a portfolio-specific catalog in the Condition Assessment and Requirement Validation Engine (CARVE™) platform to facilitate data capture and management of the unique asset types, associated features, and measurement requirements within the portfolio that can be imported into a variety of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS).

Additionally, the team also created a Geographic Information System (GIS) capability for photographs. Specifically, this feature was developed and implemented to enable the ability to capture geographical data in relation to the asset’s physical location, embed that information into the metadata of the asset photo, and upload that data to BUILDER.

On the business process side, the GoldenWolf team has leveraged analytics, past performance and use cases to develop strategies for capturing data in the field. These processes have enabled the GoldenWolf team to keep costs low for our customers, limit on site and travel time for assessors, and keep impact to the business of each facility to a minimum.