GoldenWolf has significant experience in all phases of facility lifecycle management, including criteria and requirements development, design, construction, commissioning, and ongoing sustainment. 

This includes experience related to the cybersecurity of Facility-Related Control Systems (FRCS), Low Voltage Systems (LVS), and Medical Equipment. 

Our team is highly experienced in review of request for proposals, design, and construction documents and submittals, ensuring they follow uniformed guideline specifications, DHA Low Voltage System performance specifications, and the medical design instruction issued for individual projects by the USACE Center of Expertise for Medical Facilities. 

Our personnel are experienced and trained regarding the unique requirements of working within an active medical facility, and with military medical and administrative staffs. Further, GoldenWolf has worked with parent installation or base communications and engineering support staff, as well as key agencies, such as MEDCOM G6, ISEC, I3MP, and DHA HIT. These experiences and collaborations have helped our entire GoldenWolf team form a solid understanding of what it takes to secure FRCS and LVS.

Dedicated and special purpose systems are increasingly becoming hyperconnected. Each connected control or low voltage system increases the attack surface of a network. As connection points grow, so do threat vectors. Non-standard real-time operating systems, IoT operating systems, and control devices add complexity and are sometimes not managed appropriately because enterprise administrators may not understand how to maintain them. 

Great care must be taken to appropriately mitigate risk, identify differences, and incorporate these devices into the enterprise risk management plan. GoldenWolf has a deep technical understanding of network segmentation, access management, and system components. 

Further, this technical knowhow is key to understanding system applicability from drivers such as NISTs SP 800-82 Rev 2. GoldenWolf subject matter experts understand this and actively provide support throughout the Authorization to Operate process and into continuous monitoring.