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Michael is responsible for designing, maintaining, and creating security in the IT department.

Michael Meehan
Cybersecurity Architect

With GoldenWolf: 1 year
Homebase: Orlando, Florida

How did your career path lead you to GoldenWolf?

I had already been in IT for 15 years and cybersecurity for 7 years when my family moved from Kentucky to Florida. I had been offered a job at Lockheed Martin and one of my coworkers there left for GoldenWolf and said they thought I would be a good fit here, so I ended up applying and all that led me here.

What does the typical workday look like for you?

Planning the next steps for cyber security maturity, working towards CMMC accreditation, maintaining internal policies, and monitoring SEIM for any malware or other intrusions into our company network.

What do you enjoy most about being a part of the GoldenWolf team, and what keeps you motivated to come to work each day?

I fell into a cohesive IT team, working with Joe and his team makes reaching our goals and milestones much easier. Additionally, the autonomy of my position to hit my goals, but also having a team to back me up for bigger tasks keeps me motivated.

How do you stay current and knowledgeable about industry trends and advancements in your field?

I’m in tune with podcasts that focus on current industry trends, so listening to podcasts, as well as reading books during my workday helps. Additionally, I was in the army for 16 years and have a rolodex people from there and cybersecurity industry to learn from. Additionally, attending conferences and national guard exercises help me to stay current.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone starting in this role for the first time?

Be a sponge. Learn and take in as much information as possible. Additionally, align yourself with the business and what it’s doing. In turn, it makes it much easier to create policies when you are already aligned.

Outside of work, what activities or hobbies do you enjoy?

I love mountain biking, and I have been restoring my first car, a 1973 Pontiac Ventura, just having replaced the motor. I hope to have it running soon.

If you woke up on a Friday to find you had the day off, how would you spend the day?

Hanging out with my three kids, two of which are identical twins, and maybe take them on a weekend beach trip.

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