Data Mining & Analytics

Business Intelligence

GoldenWolf uses the most current tools to visualize data patterns for efficient and effective evaluation. Clients are able to make quick and insightful decisions based on the dashboards created by the talented analytics staff.

Explore how we use technology to improve Data Mining & Analytics, as well as other projects to suit your needs:

Transforming Data to Produce Meaningful Outcomes

Organizations large and small are tapping data to better understand and improve their operations, financial models, workforce, business opportunities, and competitive standing.

While data may not be replacing common sense and gut instinct as a decision-making tool, it is becoming an irreplaceable strategic weapon in the enterprise arsenal.

GoldenWolf currently provides real-time dashboarding and analytics for BUILDER and customized independent CMMS product outcomes. Applying analytics to client challenges can help to achieve new insights, identify opportunities for innovation, and ultimately improve performance; and we do it using industry leading software and highly skilled analysts.

Developing executive dashboards and reports are achieved with a combination of the following tools:

  • Tableau 8.2 – 10.5
  • Google Data Studio – G Suite Enterprise Edition
  • Power BI
  • MS Access & MS Excel
  • Secure and Customized Client Portals with real-time dashboard refresh rates