Customized Software Development

GoldenWolf's ability to tailor software to specific needs means that data can become more meaningful and incredibly easy to navigate.

Creating the Right Tools for You

GoldenWolf has developed fully customizable tools utilizing the latest in mobile application technology for that are easy to learn and use. Our in-house developed applications allow users the productive convenience of having all open, scheduled and unscheduled Work Requests in the palm of their hand while in the field. Our deep understanding of the systems used have let us create the tools that we would want to use and field feedback continues to strengthen the effectiveness of our software.

With a strong foundation already built, we’ve been able to implement and tailor our applications to best suit the needs of any job.


To that end, we have created a custom-built, tablet-based, patented solution that integrates with BUILDER — the Condition Assessment and Requirements Validation Engine (CARVE). As part of our current engagements, we have already adapted CARVE specifically for the NOAA and NMFS portfolios.

To date, using CARVE, we have completed more than 1.2 million square feet I&A and QC for NOAA and NMFS assets

Additionally, our team created a portfolio-specific catalog in CARVE to facilitate data capture and management of the unique asset types, associated features, and measurement requirements within the portfolio. Our team also created a Geographic Information System (GIS) capability for photographs.

Specifically, we developed and implemented the ability to capture geographical data in relation to the asset’s physical location, embed that information into the metadata of the asset photo, and upload that data to BUILDER.

There’s no question that this experience positions our team with matchless insight and peerless ability to provide a seamless, comprehensive product.